Pizzaque Pizzaque Pizza Oven
Pizzaque Pizza Oven

PIZZAQUE - Turns your BBQ into a Pizza Oven in 4 minutes

If you want a fast and convenient way to cook crispy base pizza at home then Pizzaque is for you.

In 4 minutes the bottomless stainless steel Pizzaque placed directly onto the hot grill of the barbeque is ready to use.

No need to wait hours or shuffle hot coals.

Simply open the oven door and place the supplied pizza tray directly onto to the hot grill of the barbeque.

Not only does pizzaque cook crispy base pizzas in minutes, it is perfect for cooking and smoking seafood and other meats, adding a new dimension to your outdoor cooking.

Pizzaque is a great gift idea. Easy to transport and store, this stainless steel beauty is a gift at $120 delivered anywhere in Australia.